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Pool Renovation By Steve Rubin Luxury Homes

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


Check out our latest and greatest pool renovation!! Steve Rubin Luxury Homes and the owners think we nailed it. We refinished the pool, redid the pool deck, and replaced all the pool equipment. How do you think it looks? Imagine your family making memories in the pool as well as entertaining guests poolside.

The LED colored pool lights really make a “splash” at night as well as the fun water features. A fountain pool sprayer is fun for kids and adults as well as looks awesome. Recently, we have had a lot of requests for shallow water seating and pool shelves. Pool shelves are great for younger kids as well as for lounging in the pool.

We have also an uptick in customers desiring a fully tiled mosaic finish. It is a unique look to consider with endless tile possibilities. Other important considerations when planning a new pool include your budget constraints as well as if you want a chlorine or salt water system. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

A saltwater pool system uses less chemicals and is generally much easier on your skin, hair, and eyes than comparable chlorine treatment systems. It still uses chlorine to keep the water clean of algae and other unwanted organisms. Chlorine pools use less energy than saltwater pools and are less corrosive. Landscaping, lighting upgrades, and outdoor speakers are also ideal to do at the same time as a pool renovation.

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