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Kitchen Remodeling Project By Steve Rubin Luxury Homes


Our hearts, and our family’s soul are in the kitchen. It’s where you cook, eat, and gather. How would you like to cook supper in this amazing kitchen? The aesthetic is simple, and clean but far from boring. Lots of counter and sitting space makes a kitchen both beautiful and practical. The mix of building materials adds interest while the wood at island and above cabinets gives it warmth. LED lighting is used to showcase and illuminate a beautiful backsplash. Who needs artwork when your kitchen is this gorgeous? An updated kitchen will not only add to your enjoyment but boost the resale value of your home. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Statistics show that you will get back 62-77% of what you paid for the remodel. It just makes sense!

When planning your remodel first and foremost, a kitchen should function optimally. A good design layout is critical for your kitchen space. You want to be able to open the refrigerator door fully without hitting a wall and have enough space to load a dishwasher and have someone pass you. Ideally, there should be room to prepare food without bumping into anyone and able to maneuver without any obstacles to get your food onto the table. A kitchen island that doubles as a workstation, a second sink, a pantry or deep cabinets can make the space work more efficiently.

When shopping for new kitchen appliances consider upgrading your oven as in recent years new options in ovens have emerged. Choose between convection, or an oven with a built-in air fryer. Heating source is also something to consider. If gas is available in your area it is often the preferred cooking source. Other options include induction cooktops or duel fuel. Many of our customers will use LP as a fuel source and bury a tank in their yard. This is a great option if gas is not available. Built in appliances create a custom and seamless look. Huge refrigerators and beverage or wine coolers look great as well as being very practical for larger families or entertaining. Other great ideas to include in your remodel include hidden charging station for phones and ipads, built-in spice racks, hidden recycling bins and cabinets designed to store large pots and serving trays.

Do you like your countertop appliances hidden away or easily accessible? Most importantly you need to hire a good contractor as you want your project to move along as living without a working kitchen is no fun. What’s in your dream kitchen? Call Steve Rubin Luxury Homes and start to make your dream a reality.

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