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Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been trending for years. It has been the dominant architectural trend since 1990. An open floor plan combines two or more rooms into a unified space. Usually, this means combining the kitchen, dining room, and living room into a "great room."

A kitchen island or peninsula can still create a visual dividing line between spaces without closing off a room. An open floor plan has an unmatched ability to brighten up a home as there is more space for natural light to flow. It can also create perfect entertainment spaces giving guests ample room to congregate as well as allowing the host to interact with guests while still preparing drinks or food. For this same reason many parents of small children prefer an open concept as they can keep a better eye on their children.

The open concept also updates home for a more contemporary feel and increases its resale value as open concept homes are more desirable. If your home wasn't originally designed with an open floor plan do not fret! A Licensed General Contractor can help determine how to update your home in the most economical as well as aesthetically pleasing way.

One of the most important items to consider when removing walls is whether or not the wall you want to remove is load bearing. Load-bearing walls contribute to your home's structural integrity and would require other supports such as ceiling beams if removed. This is one reason it is very important to contact a licensed contractor and architect when planning a home renovation. When opening up or deleting walls there may also be plumbing or electrical that needs to be re-routed. Flooring also will need to be replaced in areas under the removed wall. Nothing gives away an after-the-fact update than mismatched flooring. Deleting walls to create a unified space can be one of the most transformational parts of your home renovation.

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