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How to Create More Space in Your Home

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Need more SPACE? As families grow and our needs change many homeowners consider upgrading their living space as well as adding additional square footage. In today's housing market where there is a shortage of homes for sale and interest rates are rising a carefully planned and implemented addition to your existing home can be just what is needed. A more spacious home can improve family harmony and increase your home's resale value.

Once you have determined a construction project is in your future a carefully executed plan will save you time and money. Hurrying an addition or cutting corners will not save you in the long run. First, carefully evaluate what space is needed to achieve your goals. Do you need one or two additional bedrooms, is it a full bathroom that's needed or a larger kitchen. Once you have a good idea of the necessities of your project reach out to a few licensed architects to schedule a preliminary meeting. Architects have different styles and fees. Hire someone who understands your needs and prioritizes your project.

The architect will design a building plan that is economical, attractive and useful. Many eager homeowners fail to realize how important architectural plans are. These plans will be used by the General Contractor to get pricing from subcontractors and give an estimate. The more detailed the plans the more accurate the cost of the project can be projected. Any builder who can provide pricing on a home addition without plans should give you cause to worry.

Unlike new construction, with an addition it is important to consider upgrades to your existing home to match the new plan. Continuity of flooring leading to a new bedroom or paint colors needs to be considered so the home won't look mismatched. While the plans are being developed a boundary survey of the home will need to be ordered unless you have a recent one. The survey determines the property lines and where the addition can be placed. Many times there are utility easements that need to be considered as well as not encroaching on your neighbor's property. Sometimes building up with a second or third story makes more sense than building out. Once the preliminary plans are complete or as soon as a floor plan is available the homeowner should start interviewing builders. Make sure anyone you are considering is licensed and highly skilled.

A good builder will often have suggestions to improve upon your plans to save money as well as other practical suggestions. it's time to get pricing! Sometimes there will be further plan revisions to get the project within your budget. Once the builder is hired the fun really starts. Some items, such as appliances, will usually be given as allowances. Unless all selections have been finalized these items will be given budget allowances that guide you as you shop. A good builder will give realistic allowances so the homeowner stays on budget. Other considerations when making an addition are where will you live during the renovations. Sometimes it is possible to remain in the home and other times it's not depending on the scope of work. If timed well the process of obtaining necessary permits can be coordinated with any demolition of the home needed. This ensures a timely construction project.

Please reach out to Steve Rubin at Steve Rubin Luxury Homes to learn more about our construction services. 561-222-1392

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