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New Construction Project - Steve Rubin Luxury Homes


New construction… ah a fresh start, a blank palette, and a lot of work! New construction is very exciting but with any large endeavor everyone wants to get the best value for their money and “do it right.” A new home takes planning and time. After all, its not every day you build a new home. There are a few overlooked areas a homeowner should consider when planning a new home.

Just as you may have heard in business that its good to have a five or ten-year plan this holds true with home building. Design for the future as chances is you plan to live in your home for many years. Even those planning a “starter home” often outstay their initial timeframe. What does this mean, if you are single or newly married this plan may include extra bedrooms for children, or a home with a sizeable yard or pool. Especially today many employees are working from home so consider a home office. If you are middle age, then take into consideration if you want a two-story home with stairs or an elevator. Maybe you need a ground floor bedroom or space for ailing parents.

Don’t let excitement or an ending lease push you to move in too soon. Trust me on this one, let your contractor be 100% finished before occupying the home. Therefore, it’s important to hire a good contractor who will finish on a timely schedule that has been determined from the get-go. If the contractor has not received their certificate of completion, it may be illegal or unsafe to move into your home. After you and your contractor complete a punch list let them complete all the items before moving in. If there is an item on backorder or a small item that can’t be completed discuss with your builder a reasonable time frame for completion.

Consider hiring an interior decorator as they can help turn your ideas into a reality or if you are design challenged find someone whose aesthetic you love and rely more heavily on their suggestions. Many interior designers get discounts on furnishings and can help you save money by taking these discounts and not making costly mistakes. Additionally, a design expert will reduce decision-making stress and result in a product your will love. They can help decide what furnishings are being brought from your old home and make sure your new investment has a cohesive and beautiful look.

Most importantly remember to breathe and stay calm. There will always be small bumps in the road when building a new home but with the right properly licensed and professional team your dream home should become a reality.

Contact Steve Rubin of Steve Rubin Luxury Homes. 561-222-1392

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